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Why Should You Choose Command Records Management?

Command Records Management provides information protection and secure document destruction services to business, individuals, agencies, and organizations throughout Ontario. The services offered by Command are fast, efficient, and above all else, secure. From accessioning to disaster recovery, Command's services offer tangible benefits to thousands of clients across dozens of industries. When it comes to protecting your confidential documents and business critical information, the choice is clear. Take Command of your document management policies and procedures with Command Records Management.

Why Command?
Command Records Management offers a full range of services designed to protect both you and your documents. Whether you're looking for a safe place to store patient records, or a better way to organize your client files, Command is here to help. Command's secure document storage facility is one of the best in the area, featuring year-round climate control, secure access, and an online monitoring system. From bonded and security cleared staff to our new secure website, Command Records Management is your choice for knowledgeable service and exceptional advice.

Command Records Management offers industry specific solutions for government, legal, healthcare, financial, and business sectors. Services include accessioning, secure transport, document storage and tracking, magnetic media storage, document security, information retrieval, document destruction, and document recovery.

Let the Command team show you how professional document management services can help you manage rising storage, labour, and administrative costs. Contact the Command Records Management offices on Piccadilly Street today by calling 519-672-1460.