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Small Business Solutions

Even small businesses require first-class document management services, so why settle for anything less? Command Records Management works closely with small businesses from throughout southwestern Ontario, providing enterprise-grade information management at affordable prices. It doesn't matter whether you work in an office of six people or sixty, Command Records Management's small business solutions enable you to leverage Command's expertise in records management, data storage, retrieval, accessioning, and protection, as well as apply industry leading knowledge to your business concept.

Grow Your Protection Along With Your Business
As your business grows, so too should your records management solutions. Command Records Management designs document management systems with room to expand, ensuring your organization's information is always properly protected. Command Records Management's small business solutions focus on security, safety, and best practices, and can be customized to include any number of complimentary services, including:

Document accessioning and archiving
Magnetic media management and storage
Secure document retrieval and disaster recovery services
Secure transport and document tracking

Command Records Management offers solutions that will not only help you protect your data, but will also help you manage your costs, improve the efficiency of your organization, and achieve necessary regulatory compliances.

Document Destruction Services for Small Businesses
It doesn't matter whether your business is run from a home office or a corner office, you have the same responsibility of looking after confidential and sensitive information as any larger corporation. The document disposal services at Command Records Management help protect you and your clients through the secure destruction and disposal of sensitive information and classified documents. Simply schedule a paper shredding solution that works for you, and Command Records Management's professional team of secure personnel will do the rest. Once the job is done, we'll provide you with a certificate of destruction to substantiate your compliance.

Command Records Management guarantees the best security and compromised results, regardless of your business size. Contact a small business document storage and disposal customer service representatives today to learn how Command's records management services can help benefit your business.