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Legal Solutions

Command Records Management is committed to helping legal customers control costs and improve productivity. That's why Command Records Management offers a full selection of specialized legal document storage and disposal services that are designed to streamline the workflow process within your law office.

Staying up-to-date on compliance rules and regulations associated with the practice of law can be an exhausting experience. That's why Command Records Management employs industry experts who are specifically qualified to help you address these unique rules and navigate complex corporate procedure. It's this commitment to customer service that makes Command Records Management the area's choice provider for legal information management, storage, protection, and recovery. Let Command Records Management's sophisticated system of controls increase the efficiency of your legal service and reduce the costs associated with maintaining your records management system.

How Command Records Management Can Help Your Law Office
When you partner with Command Records Management, we'll work closely with your law office to analyze and understand your specific requirements and anticipated needs. In the end, we'll create a customized program that includes:

Procedures that will help reduce malpractice and non-compliance risk.
Implement best practices for records retention and destruction.
Streamlined document access and retrieval services with the Command Records Management online portal and accessioning services.
Special attention to intellectual property issues and film and sound media storage.

Document Destruction Solutions for the Legal Profession
Keeping obsolete records at your practice can expose your clients to unnecessary risks. Avoid them with a secure shredding solution that follows the letter of the law. The legal document disposal services at Command Records Management will help you abide by regulatory compliance and ensure that your client's privacy and administrative records are safeguarded even after they've been disposed of. The shredding service at Command Records Management complies with legislation, prevents identity theft and security breaches, and will help your administrative staff develop increased efficiencies and standardized procedures.

Please contact Command Records Management for more information on these legal document storage and destruction solutions. A customer service representatives will be happy to assess the needs of your firm and provide you with a customized records management solution.