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Government Solutions

As a government agency, your organization is held to the very highest standard of organization and efficiency. Unfortunately, evolving information management challenges and requirements can often hamper your organization's consistency and cause unnecessary errors. Protect your mission-critical information while at the same time increasing the ease at which you can access it by partnering with Command Records Management for all of your government document management needs.

The services and products that are offered by Command Records Management are designed to be used by all levels of government, and include custom tailored programs and systems. These record management services deliver unparalleled security and are compliant with government regulations. Command Records Management's experience working with government sector agencies has enabled Command to maintain an unmatched chain of custody workflow system, and uncover new efficiencies that help government organizations at all levels reduce costs and improve the usefulness of their critical information.

Secure Document Destruction for Government Offices
From municipal to provincial, Command Records Management can help all levels of government better protect their data and improve the disposal of highly-sensitive materials. Command Records Management understands that the data protection needs of government organizations are ongoing, complicated, and time sensitive. That's why Command Records Management offers streamlined document disposal techniques that offer protection right up until the moment of destruction. What's more, these secure document destruction and shredding services for government offices are environmentally-friendly, confidential, and 100% efficient.

The Benefits of Secure Document Shredding Services at Command Records Management
Command Records Management offers secure document storage and disposal services that:

Comply with government legislation
Safeguard information privacy
Maximize your taxpayers' interests
Helps you stay on top of changing legislation
Increased security and efficiencies
Are environmentally-friendly

Concerned that your controlled budget isn't enough to support a top-notch records management system? Think again! Contact a Command Records Management representative today to discuss how these cost-effective document storage and disposal services can help you save money and cut costs.