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Secure Transport

When it comes to transferring your data from your organization to Command Records Management's secure facility, we leave nothing to chance. From the minute your records leave your possession, to the minute they're placed on a secure storage rack, your data is the constant companion of our bonded, experienced transport team. We understand that security is especially critical during times of transport and we have made it our promise to take extreme precaution during this process.

All files and magnetic media records are transported to and from the Command Records Management secure storage facility in a dedicated, single-purpose transport vehicle. These vehicles are specifically outfitted for the task and include strict climate restrictions and loading procedures. All of the windows in our vehicles are fully covered to ensure maximum privacy, and access is restricted to only authorized personnel.

Proactively Preventing Errors
At Command Records Management, we strive to eliminate the risk factor for each step of our workflow protocol. This means that we spend ample time preparing for situations that may never happen. This attention to detail helps prevent workflow errors and protects your business critical information from becoming compromised in any manner.

In order to adhere to protocol and compliance measures, the Command Records Management transport service captures an auditable chain of custody beginning from the minute your documents are placed in our possession. Our workflow system covers all of the bases to ensure that your information is never left unprotected.

Our secure document transport services are designed to minimize risk and alleviate unnecessary stress. If you have specific questions about our secure transport services, please contact Command Records Management directly. One of our customer service representatives will answer your call and collaborate with our team to ensure that your request is properly addressed.