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Document Management & Document Storage Solutions

Serving All Cities in Southern Ontario

Command Records Management makes it easy to manage your business critical records and files using secure transport and storage services. Simply pack your records and Command will transport them to the Command Records Management's secure facility for proper filing, and protection. Command's state-of-the-art secure document management facility was designed specifically for the retention of highly classified documents, which means you can rest assured knowing your information will be safe no matter what the situation.

Command Record's Management's Controlled Facility features:

intrusion detection and alarm systems
a climate controlled environment
physical access control systems
fire detection and suppression systems
24 hour security monitoring
electronic data storage and tracking
motion detectors on all internal and external exits, loading docks, and doorways

Magnetic media is stored in a secure temperature and humidity controlled vault (literally, a building within a building) that's ideal for this highly sensitive material. Access to this vault, is restricted to authorized personnel.

We Employ Advanced Technology to Help Protect Your Data
Every box that enters Command Records Management's facility is barcoded and linked to Command Records Management's proprietary tracking and reporting system. Clients of Command Records Management have the ability to code records at their organization prior to sending for storage in order to ensure every box is accounted for and properly tracked. As a client of Command Records Management, you're provided with secure access to the Command Online's management website, which provides you with complete control of document accessibility. Clients can even schedule secure certified document destruction from the comfort of their office computer.

Manage Your Document Storage With Ease
Having the ability to track, access, and apply policies to documents that are in storage is a key requirement for many businesses. The Command Online systemcentralizes the control of active and inactive records, providing you with a consistent, unified records management system. Having the ability to track and monitor documents from creation to destruction helps improve compliance, while at the same time reducing your risks and decreasing costs. Command Records Management's online system will help improve your current workflow procedures in order to streamline your data storage systems and increase productivity.

Service To and From Your Door
Command Records Management offers secure data storage in three easy steps:

1. A bonded Command Records Management representative provides your organization with boxes, barcode labels and forms for storage.
2. You pack your records and information on your schedule.
3. We pick up your cartons and transport them via a secure vehicle to the restricted access facility.

Need to access your stored documents quickly? Command Records Management offers emergency document retrieval services, often as quickly as one hour following the initial contact.

Store your business critical documents with confidence; contact Command Records Management today to learn about available services.