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Document Security

Are your employees spending too much time searching for information? If your organization is suffering from information overload, Command Records Management is here to help. It isn't uncommon for businesses and organizations to struggle with records management, business critical information is often disjointed, dispersed, and diverse. In order to stay ahead of the competition you need to equip your organization with a secure records management solution that's capable of delivering complete visibility and accessibility to sensitive records and intellectual property. You need the proven reliability of a Command Records Management secure document storage system.

The Command Records Management records retention facility was designed for the purpose of protecting business critical information from being compromised, misplaced, or accidentally destroyed.

Strategic Document Management Solutions
Your organization can lower costs and response times by utilizing Command Records Management's proven document management expertise. Our integrated solutions enable you to quickly and efficiently access data, as well as provide you with a secure system for document archiving and accessioning. Command Records Management will design a secure document management strategy that provides you with complete control over your business critical documents, while maintaining the highest level of secure storage in an offsite facility.

File Security
When you choose to store your business critical information with Command Records Management, you're choosing a file storage area that's strictly controlled and restricted to authorized personnel. Our facility mandates some of the industry's most advanced systems in order to safeguard your information both from the inside and out.

A Proven Records Management Workflow
Timely access to your sensitive materials is critical to the success of your organization. Command Records Management's proven workflow system provides you with direct access to classified files, without compromising on safety and security. We make a habit of triple checking our procedures to ensure proper handling of all information and our facility maintains highest-level of controlled access.

Carefully Screening and Training Employees
At Command Records Management, the key to information security is creating a dedicated security team. Prior to working at Command Records Management, each employee must pass a comprehensive background check, and undergo a rigorous screening process. Our personnel also receive ongoing training to ensure proper adherence to security procedures and complete understanding of emergency protocol. Each and every member of the Command Records Management team is a bonded professional dedicated to protecting your documents. We are committed to handling your classified information with the utmost care, consideration, and respect.

A secure document management system must be able to prove their compliance. At Command Records Management we take the steps to capture an auditable chain of custody as records move between our secure facility and your designated command centre.

Simplify and secure your document management procedures with help from Command Records Management. Contact one of our bonded and experienced professionals today for more details about our secured document storage systems.