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Information and Data Retrieval

In order for your organization to operate at full capacity you need to have easy access to company data. Whether your firm is dealing with organizational change, cost reductions, or increased security, Command Records Management is your partner for secure data retrieval and information recovery in Ontario. Regardless of your industry or corporate requirements, Command Records Management can create a sophisticated data storage and retrieval solution that meets your organizations unique needs.

Secure Access 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week
The data retrieval systems at Command Records Management are designed to provide organizations with fast and secure access to archived information. As a client, your organization is capable of accessing stored information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, either by fax, phone, or email or Command Online. Requests are filled within the hour or one business day, depending on the requirements of the request. What's more, every time your organization requests the delivery of data from our facility, the entire transport process is subjected to a rigorous, multi-step workflow that ensures all items are accounted for every step of the way.

Command Records Management prides itself on being there whenever and wherever you need us. That's why our command centre personnel are available both day and night, providing you with personalized service and immediate information recovery.

Advanced Media Records Management and Retrieval
Command Records Management's secure media management system provides organizations with a number of proven and reliable offsite storage and retrieval methods. Our secure media management systems deliver a wealth of features that help your organization to effectively backup your sensitive media, develop firm access and control policies, and develop restoration plans and procedures that are easily updated.

When you need to perform a data restore at your organization, you want to know that you've partnered with a leading data retrieval specialist. Our expertise in data retrieval services is designed to help you stay one step ahead of potential disasters. Our highly regulated retrieval system enables your organization to meet compliance regulations and increase data protection, all while ensuring the efficient execution of recovery processes. At Command Records Management, we understand that your policies are constantly evolving, and we're capable of evolving right along with you. Let Command Records Management help you put a program in place that is capable of adapting to the specific needs and security requirements of your organization.