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Magnetic Media Storage and Security

Poor handling of magnetic media can lead to irreversible damage and data loss. Master copies and original recordings of film and audio must be protected properly in order to ensure expert preservation. Command Records Management understands the many risks associated with the storage of tape and film, and have created a highly controlled area for the proper storage and archiving of these fragile assets. Command Records Management's magnetic media storage vault offers the ultimate level of protection against the harmful impacts of temperature, humidity, dust, and other environmental factors.

Our magnetic media storage vault offers secure protection against the elements and theft thanks to:

Superior preservation vaults specifically engineered to protect media.
A temperature (22 degrees Celsius) and humidity (45%) controlled storage environment.
Online tracking access through the Command Online secure software system.
A fire suppression system, complete with ultra sensitive ionization detectors.

The magnetic media storage vault is a highly regulated building within a building. This unique design helps protect the contents from a variety of external factors.

Practical Solutions and Succinct Services
In today's media management industry, organizations must address emerging challenges, meet compliance guidelines and foster efficiencies in order to ensure the proper handling of media collections. When you store your media copies with Command Records Management, you'll benefit from practical advice and a robust suite of storage options. Command Records Management's bonded staff of emergency response professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are capable of connecting you with business-critical media files as quickly as one hour after receiving a request.

Secure Tracking and Direct Monitoring
Knowing that your master media copies are safely cared for by a professional is critical when creating a sound media management system. Command Records Management utilizes an advanced online tracking system that provides all of Command Records Management's clients with the ability to actively monitor the handling of their data. The Command Online system provides you with regular vault status reports, can help identify and rectify inventory discrepancies, provide audit reports to prove chain of custody, and stores restoration plans and emergency procedures. This web-based interface provides you with more than round-the-clock monitoring - it provides peace of mind.

As information volumes continue to multiple at unprecedented speeds, so to does the need to have a media management system properly in place. The magnetic media storage solutions at Command Records Management will help you manage data growth swiftly and securely, without compromising the quality of your data and the integrity of your media. Command's media records management systems will enable your organization to drive greater efficiencies and enjoy increased cost savings across numerous operations.

The magnetic media storage facilities at Command Records Management meet, and in most cases exceed, the standards set by the nation's entertainment industry bodies. Contact Command Records Management today for more information.