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Paper Shredding & Inactive Document Disposal in London Ontario

Identity theft – we've all heard stories on the news about the personal and professional damage that this type of crime can cause. Identity theft can happen in one of a hundred ways – some identity thieves will even go to the extreme of "dumpster diving" in an attempt to gain access to records. Proper record retention and destruction is the only way to ensure your, and your clients’, personal information is protected from prying eyes both now and in the future.

Proper Disposal of Inactive Records
Credit card statements, client records, medical reports – these are just some of the common file types that identity thieves can use to access information. Unfortunately, very few people know how to properly retire or dispose of these files upon retirement. Whether you're a business professional, doctor, lawyer, or work-from-home entrepreneur, inactive document disposal is a necessary part of any personal or professional retirement plan and records management system. Let Command Records Management store these personal files until the time of destruction.

It Starts with Proper Education
When it comes to retiring and disposing of inactive records, the experts at Command Records Management recommend an eight step system, which includes a stringent disposition schedule and destruction practices. Command Records Management's efficient and effective storage and disposal policies will ensure that all of your retired files are properly closed and retained until disposition. Failure to properly deactivate and dispose of your client files could result in severe legal ramifications. So why take the chance? Enlist expert help from Command Records Management in order to develop a secure document retention and retirement plan that will protect both your business and your clients against identity crimes. Command Records Management proudly offers an up-front onetime fee for retired professionals to properly deactivate and store their records inside our secure facility. After seven years, Command will destroy these documents using secure document destruction services.

Personal Records That Need Protection
The following are a just a few of the personal records that individuals, businesses, health care providers and organizations need to protect:

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit Card Statements and Reports
  • Banking Information and Account Numbers
  • Employment Records
  • Personal Health Records
  • Health Cards and Driver's Licenses

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Contact Command Records Management today for more information on how to properly retire your personal and professional records in order to protect yourself, your clients and your practice from criminal activity.