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Disaster Recovery Services

In today's business world, there's no such thing as a minor disruption. Threats to your company's critical business data are ever present and increasingly serious. From hacker attacks and computer viruses, to power failures, administrative errors, and natural disasters, your records management system is almost always at risk. The question isn't will these disasters happen, but rather how will your business respond when faced with these adverse situations?

Having the ability to recover from disaster quickly and efficiently is key to ensuring that your business continues to operate, even in times of uncertainty. Whether it's a broken pipe, building fire, or computer meltdown, Command Records Management is here to help ensure your critical business records remain safe and secure.

The Worst Strategy is No Strategy
The ability of a business to recover from a disaster is directly related to the degree of planning performed prior to a disruption taking place. If your business doesn't have a plan in place, your chances of weathering even a minor disaster without extreme losses are slim. At Command Records Management, we take a highly customized approach to disaster recovery planning, providing our clients with a full range of retrieval services and secure document storage solutions. What's more, our comprehensive plans offer priceless protection at affordable prices. At Command Records Management we help our clients:

Assess and prioritize the specific risks faced by each facet within an organization.
Identify critical business processes and provide prioritized recovery management.
Integrate safe, secure storage and information restoration into your organization's resumption plans.
Determine preferred options for organizational recovery.
Comply with mandates for business continuity planning that may be required to compete for government or corporate contracts.
Implement planning policies, procedures, and action plans that encompasses the business' overall recovery strategy and data recovery concerns.
Provide quick, secure delivery of files, boxes and tapes throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Our multi-layered protection helps ensure the continuous operation of your organization, regardless of the circumstances. When properly implemented, disaster recovery plans can help reduce expenses considerably, curb revenue losses during times of disaster, reduce downtime, and increase employee productivity.

Command Records Management safely houses business critical data in tape, disk, digital, or hard copy format. In the case of an emergency, Command Records Management can be dispatched to a designated disaster command centre with copies of your mission-critical data within the hour or the following business day, depending on the nature of the request.

Command Records Management offers unmatched disaster recovery services and solutions in London and southwestern Ontario. For more specific information on our services, please contact us.