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Secure Certified Destruction

Every company has sensitive information, the type of information that, if compromised, could cause tremendous damage to an organization, its clients, its employees, and its affiliates. Information theft resulting from improper disposal or careless storage can damage careers, destroy companies, and fuel bitter legal battles. Shouldn't you be taking special precautions to make sure your company's sensitive information is being disposed of properly?

Command Records Management provides clients with secure certified destruction services that guarantee the professional disposal of a wide variety of information. Our document destruction services are in line with information and security standards and are recycled in accordance with corporate environmental policies. Command Records Management ensures that:

Information meant for secure destruction can be safely stored while awaiting shredding.
Sensitive information is kept safe during transportation to the document destruction facility.

On-Request Shredding Services
Command Records Management provides on-request document and paper shredding services to all clients. Command Records Management's secure shredding services include:

Shredding Services
Command Records Management offers secure shredding services of your sensitive documents (paper, hard drives, or electronic media).

Prior to disposal, each request for document destruction is verified for appropriate authorization and assigned a unique Service Request Number. Once the documents have been destroyed, your company's authorizing officer is provided with a dated Certificate of Destruction, which is issued as proof of the completion of the task.

Command Records Management has designed secure certified document destruction services based on years of experience. This enables Command to provide our customers with the most reliable, consistent, and secure suite of document disposal options.

Command Records Management's secure certified document destruction services aren't just convenient, easy, and affordable; they also protect your organization from potentially catastrophic information leaks. Put Command Records Management's secure document disposal services to work at your organization today. Contact Command Records Management for more information on specific document destruction services.