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Secure Onsite File Archiving Services in Kitchener & London

Serving All Cities in Southern Ontario

Are your hardcopy file storage requirements taking up too much space in your office? Whether you're battling with old ledgers and reports, or having difficulty archiving blueprints and financial statements, Command Records Management can help you purge, file, and store your archival files with ease and expert precision.

Every Archive System Requires Indexing
Indexing is a critical step in any file archive plan. This process ensures that your business critical files are organized in a manner that is accessible, functional, and efficient. Unfortunately, very few businesses take the time to develop a proper indexing plan at start up. With that being said, Command Records Management's inventory experts can help you sift through hardcopy data, creating an indexing and archiving system that will support total tracking of your company files, no matter where they reside.

Reclaim Wasted Storage Space
Free up space in your office or storage facility with Command Records Management's professional file indexing and archiving services. Our team of file and record management professionals will work onsite at your office, sorting, indexing, and organizing your old hardcopy files. All of your files will be inventoried and stored in boxes, before being barcoded and securely transported to our protected storage facility.

Command Records Management will create an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective file indexing and archiving system that your employees can continue to implement following our professional purge and archive setup. Don't let your files leave you in a frustrated frenzy. Contact Command Records Management today to learn more about our onsite indexing and archiving service offering.