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What Can a Data Recovery Company Do For Your Business?

Keeping track of your organization's constantly growing collection of hardcopy files and proprietary information is tough. Even the smallest of businesses need to maintain complex databases of information in order to function properly. So imagine if suddenly all of that business-critical information just disappeared. Would your organization's operations ground to a halt? In all likelihood, yes – but not if you have Command Online in place to protect you from this type of data loss. A well designed data retrieval system can help you bounce back from a potentially business-ending loss of information quickly, affordably, and securely.

How Command Records Management's Data Recovery Systems Can Benefit Your Business

1) We make the process of protecting your records easy.
Command Records Management can help eliminate the affects of data loss at your company through the creation of compliant backup schedules and processes. Whether you need to backup media files, or hardcopy files, our team of data retrieval specialists can help you create and maintain regular backups so you know you're always protected. We'll help you decide when full backups are necessary, and how you can take advantage of modified and incremental backup methods to help alleviate costs and streamline processes.

2) Our storage facilities offer an added level of protection.
In addition to keeping your business critical data onsite at your office, storing highly sensitive materials offsite in a secure facility provides an extra layer of security. You can rest assured your information is protected.

3) We keep things organized and easy to locate.
Locating information that's been left uncatalogued or filed improperly can be a nightmare. But who has the time and patience to sit down and create a fully functional document management system from scratch? When you choose to partner with Command Records Management, you'll be granted access to one of the most advanced records management systems in southwestern Ontario. What's more, we'll customize our system to meet your needs and compliancy requirements, so you can rest assured knowing that your documents are being cared for properly. When it comes time to retrieve a certain document, simply log into our web-based system and submit a request. Since we know exactly where your document is located, we'll be able to have it to you faster than if it was located onsite, but buried beneath six months of additional data. At Command Records Management, clients also have the ability to pull up document record on their computer, using the secure Command Online file management system.

4) Disasters can occur at any time.
When faced with a stressful situation, we know how important it is to be prepared and to act fast. That's why we encourage our customers to take advantage of our disaster recovery services. When paired with our information retrieval services, this mode of data recovery can help you bounce back from a monumental setback within a short period. We can help you get back up and running, often in as little as one business day.

A document recovery system from Command Records Management combines document storage with secure data transportation and 24/7 disaster relief. For more information about how a document retrieval system can benefit your business, please contact Command Records Management today.