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Tips to Securely Transport Documents

In today's business economy, it isn't uncommon for organizations to have to ship highly critical documents over long distances. Whether it's across town or across the province, it's important that business leaders take extreme precaution prior to sending mission critical information out into the world. If you need to transport sensitive information over a long distance, Command Records Management recommends researching delivery services in order to improve the safety and security of your transport mission.

Why You Should Use a Third Party Transport Service
Customers of Command Records Management understand the benefits of secure document transport. These benefits are even more apparent when shipping important documents over long distances. Whether you're transferring confidential documents, hard drives, or data tapes, a third party secure delivery team will have all of the proper procedures and policies in place to ensure that your information is delivered safely and on time. A third party secure document transport agent will be able to coordinate a transfer that abides by your company's standards and is compliant with secure transfer protocol.

Things to Consider Before Undertaking a Secure Document Delivery Mission
Before you select a secure document transport provider, Command Records Management recommends reviewing their services closely. Make sure your chosen provider offers:

Advice on the likely success rate of the mission versus the potential cost of the transfer.
Secure forms of transport – does the service use specially equipped transfer vehicles?
Pre-trip planning, scheduling, and timelines that meet your schedule. Can they complete a test mission of your transfer in order to assess the safety of the situation?
Post-mission analysis and proof of document delivery. This can include an analysis of any opportunities for improvement on future missions.
A highly security conscious staff of delivery agents. Agents should be required to sign a confidentially agreement and have undergone rigorous on the job training.

How Secure Will the Transport Be?
Security and confidentiality is key when transporting secure files over any distance. Before transporting your documents, Command Records Management recommends finding a secure document transport service that offers:

Non-disclosure agreements
Critical milestone updates during the mission, either via telephone, email, or via an online web portal, like Command Online.
Secure hand transfers – your documents should always be within arm's length of the agent assigned to them.
Contact information for all agents involved in the transfer. If possible, try to arrange so that only one person is involved in your transfer in order to minimize risk and chain of custody issues.
Immediate reports on any irregularities

Using a third party secure transport service for the delivery of highly sensitive materials will maximize the success of your mission while at the same time minimizing the risk. These services provide highly trained agents that are capable of handling disaster situations and are dedicated to protecting the integrity of your data.

If you have more questions about secure document transfers please contact Command Records Management directly. One of our sales associates will be happy to help you.