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Should Your Organization Have a Secure Document Destruction Policy?

Paperwork - as a business owner, you know you can't avoid it. But did you know that leaving sensitive documents sitting out on your desk could result in devastating losses for your organization? If you're currently unable to keep up with the mountain of paperwork, policies, and procedures associated with your line of work, now is the time to seek help from Command Records Management. Let us create a document management system that suites your organization's unique needs and protects your business from potentially harmful information leaks.

Proper Destruction is an Important Part of Any Records Management System
A professional document management system includes the classification, storage, and disposal of a business's critical information. Documents need to be destroyed for a variety of reasons, be it the nature of the content that is housed within the document, or the document's lifespan. Either way, these records need to be handled with care and concern when it comes time to dispose of them. If your organization maintains a complex database of records and information, it is likely in your best interest to create a secure document destruction policy A secure document destruction policy will help you create a uniform and consistent method of data disposal. When developing your policy, remember to include the following characteristics:

Access and Authorization
A secure document destruction policy should clearly outline who in an organization has the authority to classify a document as "ready for disposal". Your policy should be very specific about naming authorized personnel, and should also include a secondary contact in case the primary authority is unavailable.

Witnesses and Compliance
It is always a good idea to have a person witness the destruction of documents as this will provide your organization with proof that the action took place (a witness is also often required in order to meet compliancy protocols). Clients of Command Records Management can view the shredding of their document in person, or online via the secure Command Online web portal.

Specifications of the Mode of Destruction
Not all modes of document destruction are created equal. Command Records Management highly recommends shredding your sensitive information as this is the safest and most secure method. Make sure that your secure document policy outlines exactly how your documents will be destroyed, and also what will happen after the destruction has taken place (Command Records Management can offer environmentally-friendly recycling options following the completion of a secure paper shredding service).

A Record of Destruction
Once a document has been destroyed, it is important that you maintain a record of the disposal. At Command Records Management, each of our document destruction requests is recorded on a certificate of destruction. This dated document, which identifies the company's authorizing officer and the disposed item's unique service request number, is issued to the client as proof of the tasks completion and can be used to track the train of custody in the case of an audit.

It doesn't matter whether you manage a large company or a small business, every organization can benefit from the implementation of a secure document destruction policy. Not only will it help you keep better track of important paperwork, but this unique procedure will ensure that business critical information is properly cared for right up to the destruction date.