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Five Reasons Why You Should Employ Experts for Records Management

Few organizations have the time or the expertise to create a fully-functional, fully-compliant in-house records management system. All too often, companies confront information management in a fragmented manner, creating procedures and management policies that are riddled with inaccuracies. Trust the experts at Command Records Management to create a secure storage and tracking system that meets all of your organizational needs.

Five Ways Command Records Management Can Help With Your Document Management

1) We have the right tools for the job.
Not many offices are equipped with a fireproof, climate-controlled vault. Which is too bad, considering this is just the type of storage facility you'll need to ensure the proper storage of your sensitive documents. Command Records Management already has all of the tools you need to create a highly secure and strictly regimented document management program, so why go to all the trouble of trying to duplicate this environment in your office? Using an offsite storage location, such as Command Records Management, will provide you with an added level of security.

2) We're used to a lot of paperwork.
In today's modern business world, the average company produces an overwhelming amount of information, most of which is still produced in hardcopy formats. This influx of information can make locating and retrieving vital records a seemingly impossible chore. Partnering with a single source supplier of document management solutions will help you tame the paper monster that has invaded your organization. Our advanced document management systems will help you limit operational and legal risks, while at the same time decreasing operating costs.

3) We maintain a strong chain of custody.
Avoid risky chain of custody breaches with help from Command Records Management and our secure workflow system. When you partner with Command Records Management, your physical documents can be stored, retrieved, scanned, and refiled all in a single location, greatly reducing the risk of document mishandling. What's more, Command Records Management is also able to create document-level audit trails, which are extremely valuable should your organization ever need to verify a document's history as part of a legal investigation.

4) We can create a plan that reflects your best practices.
Outsourcing your document storage and management is a great way to reduce the risk of compliance violations and the costs that are often associated with these mistakes. The experts at Command Records Management will devise a plan that's specifically tailored to your organization's needs, complete with conversion processes, retention scheduling, information security, and enhanced privacy. You'll be able to rest assured knowing that your best practices are being followed closely and consistently, and that your
documents are always well protected.

5) We make it easy.
Changing your document management system from an in-house plan to an offsite provider is easier than you think. Our expert team of records management professionals will be happy to show you how storing and managing your documents in our secure facility could help cut your costs considerably.

The document storage and management services at Command Records Management could be just what your organization needs in order to stay competitive in today's market. Contact one of our service representatives today to learn more about our suite of secure document storage and tracking services.