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Frequently Asked Questions By Industry Solutions

Healthcare Solutions F.A.Q.

Q. What are the benefits of a medical office partnering with Command Records Management for information storage?

A. Command Records Management offers healthcare providers an established and effective model for records and confidential information management. Command Records Management's systems are cost-effective, compliant with legislation, and designed to work fluently with disaster recovery and data retrieval services. Command's record management services minimize demands on IT staff and streamline access to patient records.

Q. My organization currently has an onsite information management system in operation. Can Command Records Management help with the transfer of data to an offsite program?

A. Yes. Command Records Management's consultants are available to work onsite with your team to analyze your current system and requirements, and will be happy to make recommendations and implement changes in order to transfer your information management to the Command facilities.

Q. My company's patient information is highly confidential. How sure are you that your staff won't leak critical information?

A. The staff at Command Records Management are subject to a rigorous pre-screening prior to entering employment with Command Records Management. They also undergo continuous training and are bonded professionals. Command Records Management's employees are aware of the responsibilities associated with their job and are committed to maintaining the highest level of security when transporting or handling sensitive materials.