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Frequently Asked Questions By Service

Document Security F.A.Q.

Q. How does Command Records Management ensure the security of documents that are submitted to the secure storage system?

A. Command Records Management takes extreme precaution when it comes to document security. Not only is our facility highly protected (please review our Document Storage and Tracking F.A.Q. page for more details), but our fleet of transport vehicles are also specially designed to handle highly sensitive cargo (please view the Secure Transport F.A.Q. page for more information). We also abide by strict hiring protocols and execute a mandatory pre-screening for all eligible hires.

Access to all storage areas is strictly controlled and admittance is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Q. Are all of my documents stored in the same area of the storage facility?

A. No. Documents are stored in the next available space as they arrive at our facility. While this may seem counter productive, it actually adds an extra level of security as all of your documents are not located in the same area. Since all of the cartons that are submitted to our storage facility are barcoded, accessing specific information is still extremely quick and easy.