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Frequently Asked Questions By Service

Secure Certified Destruction F.A.Q.

Q. How is my sensitive material stored prior to destruction?

A. Command Records Management supplies locked, office-quality consoles or security containers free of charge. These consoles and containers should be located strategically throughout your office so that your staff members can securely store materials that are waiting to be destroyed. A designated contact within your organization will be granted a key to these consoles for emergency retrieval purposes.

Q. What happens to the documents after they have been destroyed?

A. The destroyed documents, which are now in the form of shredded paper, are recycled once the secure disposal service is completed.

Q. Should our office staff remove paper clips, staples, or rubber bands prior to destruction?

A. No, this is not necessary. Our professional-grade paper shredding machines are capable of shredding through binder clips, paper clips, staples, and rubber bands.