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From home offices to large industrial complexes, in spite of today’s heavily digitized business environment, there still remains a need for document storage and management. If your home office, health care practice, or organization’s current document storage system is creating problems – create a safe, secure, and efficient document management system with the help of Command Records Management’s secure offsite file archiving services.

If you’re battling with old ledgers and reports, or having difficulty archiving blueprints and financial statements, Command Records Management can help you purge, file, and store your archival files with ease and expert precision. Command Records Management’s inventory experts can help you sift through hardcopy data, creating an indexing and archiving system that will support total tracking of your company files.

For your peace of mind, Command Records Management’s state-of-the-art secure document management facility was designed specifically for the retention of highly classified documents, and feature:

  • intrusion detection and alarm systems;
  • a climate controlled environment;
  • physical access control systems;
  • fire detection and suppression systems;
  • 24 hour security monitoring;
  • electronic data storage and tracking; and
  • motion detectors on all internal and external exits, loading docks, and doorways.

Magnetic media is stored in a secure temperature and humidity controlled vault (a building within a building) that’s ideal for this highly sensitive material with access to this vault restricted to authorized personnel.

Having the ability to track, access, and apply policies to documents that are in storage is a key requirement for many businesses, and our emergency document retrieval service allows you to store your business critical documents with confidence. To secure your organization’s future in Southern Ontario with Command Records Management, contact us at 519-672-1460 or toll-free at 1-888-335-3379.

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